MBM offers the following services, both on & offshore.

– Professionel Management.
– Fluent in Danish, German and English.
– Proficient in use of PC, remote IT use & Microsoft Office software packages, Xal and Zap.
– Proficient use of all 3d drawing programs.
– Can move any load, on land, water, and in the air.
– Certificates for operating all types of cranes.
– Certificates for working on any type of electrical power.
– Specialist in IR photography, Analyzes, & Reporting.
– Certificates for working on any offshore instalation.
– Any Enervation & development  Tasks for cleints.
– Special Designed Completely Customized Auxiliary Tools set.
– Certificates for any type of welding.
– Specialist in NDT Welding Analyzes.
– Special Fabrication, Milling & Mashining in any material.
– Bearing & Power Transmission specialist.
– Analysis Specialist on Vibration, grease, & oil.
– Can inspect & certifify any lifting equipment. 
– Accident Investigation & Report on any brekdown.
– Management of complete Mock-ups’ including test & Reports.
– Woldwide on & offshore training in the wide use of Actsafe.
– Professionel Manpower Supplier. 

-Please contact MBM for specific details or other services required.

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